About Us


Tel.: (786) 612-6672 and (786) 263-0000

We are a Group of professional interpreters in diverse languages who serve the Miami area needs with great professionalism and Integrity.  The group is directed by Mr. Daniel Sierra.

After many years of work in Latin America, for the past 19 years, Mr. Sierra has worked for the Miami-Dade County, Florida community, together with other associates, providing interpreting service for law firms, businesses and Church or civic groups.

Business travel, immigration, conferences, depositions and mediations are a specialty.

Mr. Sierra is a US citizen, born in Cuba, of Cuban parents, came to the US when 14 years of age. After graduating from College, he lived for 15 years in various Latin American countries.  During this time, he operated businesses catering to international governmental agencies, Peace Corps, foreign investors and university student’s projects.  These years have given Mr. Sierra  a rich understanding of the vocabulary and cultures of the Americas.

Personally, Mr. Sierra has served as interpreter for media reporters and business persons.  He served contracts to coordinate trans-cultural training and interpreting for Peace Corps Volunteers in and for Honduras. Simultaneous Interpreting services were provided for special speakers at conferences and Seminars throughout the US, Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Mr. Sierra has been married to Carmen Sierra for 34 years; they have 6 children, ages ranging from 33 years of age to 20 years old.

BA in Education – 1973.

Two years of pre engineering. 1968

Olney – Barnesville, Oh. – English as a second Language. — 1961.

Colegio Los Amigos. Oriente, Cuba. – 8th grade certificate. – 1960.